Boring walk-through presentation? How about instantly transporting your client into a visual interactive version?

Check out some REAL examples of how you can use Visuon!

Train your employees without physically being present on location!

When they arrive, they will be ready, prepared and inspired to work!

Courtesy of Keuda

Decrease the chances of work injuries!

This gives the trainee the opportunity to learn without the risks!

Courtesy of Keskuspuiston Ammattiopisto

Take your audience to another level of immersion!

Teach them history and fun facts about certain aspects of the area!

Courtesy of Tampere City, Finland

Avoid the risk of breaking materials and any safety injuries!

Increase the knowledge of your learners before they ever step foot into the laboratory!

Courtesy of TTY & Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Help your viewers navigate through a city without physically being there!

This creates ease and sense of familiarity before and during a visit!

Courtesy of Sponda

Inform your employees what is expected so there are no misunderstandings!

They will feel comfortable on their first day on the job!

Courtesy of Metropolia

Are you involved in a large event? Let’s lessen that stress!

Use Visuon to guide participants to cruise smoothly around the venue!

Courtesy of Jukola

Make the process into a virtual game!

This will make it fun and exciting for the players to engage in the content that you have created!

Courtesy of Ammattiopisto Tavastia

Train your staff on how to properly operate equipment!

They will absorb information intuitively and easily!

Courtesy of Oulu University of Applied Sciences

It’s all in the little details!

Lead your team into a space that is recognizable and simple to follow instructions!

Courtesy of Tampere University Metaplasmonics Research Center

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