OAMK: How to Reduce Anxiety in Healthcare Settings

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In the healthcare sector, there are many challenges that may arise while providing information to patients about the facilities that they will use. Discovering a solution to this problem, we spoke with Karoliina Paalimäki-Paakki from Oulu University of Applied Sciences regarding the usage of VISUON at Oulu University Hospital as an aid to better service for patients coming to medical imaging.


Karoliina organized 10 patients to test out the demonstration which consisted of 360° Virtual Reality photos of the locations of the imaging unit, including texts, photos, videos and information regarding each room the patient entered. On average, the patients attested that it took approximately 20 minutes to virtually navigate through the rooms. 


The feedback that was given from the users was that

1) the space and environment was easy to view and understand…

2) the fear and tension of a ‘scary’ room decreased while…

3) the feeling of security also increased.


Overall, the majority of patients have this fear related to medical imaging. We want to switch that mentality by providing this effective guide, such as through VISUON.


In the long term, OAMK plans to utilize VISUON for controlled and wider experiments by creating more similar contents by using the platform. It will be committed to the improvement of wellbeing and self-care, such as in patients with coronary heart disease to provide a reduction in the number of physical visits. 

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Searching for the meaning of purpose is a mindset.

Searching for the meaning of purpose is a mindset.

New innovation will work only if you know what to do with it, otherwise it’s a big risk to invest just to be cool. Either you are missing out real opportunity just because you cannot understand how it works, or the risks can be those negative impacts on work safety and finance. Searching for the meaning of purpose is hard, this is not a task, it’s a mindset.