Pick a Plan

Try first or contact us to ask more. If you decide to try first you will get link for 360-testimages and icons. Paid plans includes icons in all 16 colors for you own use.

All versions include

Visuon features are useful for creating visual contents and they are included to plans. Enterprize plan is for bigger corporates and organizations who would like to tailor their usage experiences and service.

Complimentary assets

When you would like to try first for free here are complimentary copies for icons and 360° photos. You can use these for making your first visual contents. Of course, you can download your own visual assets too. Download icons and 360° photos for you own use.

Upload stages

You can upload 360 ° equirectangle images or standard 2D images. From these you form a view of the premises.

Upload 3D models

[coming soon…] You can upload the 3D model in glTF or glb format. The model rotates on the screen and you can add information to it yourself in the Visuon editor. This is an illustrative way of presenting, for example, various tools and devices.

Visuon's dashboard

On the dashboard, you keep the stories, i.e. your own contents, in good order. You can filter and search for stories.


The built-in library contains all the media elements you use to create content. This allows you to reuse content elements in different stories. Icons and images are uploaded here.

Visuon editor

In the Visuon editor, you add the Active Point yourself, and define its appearance with colors and icons. You can also add a title for the AP.

Content flow editor

With Visuon’s content flow feature, you can create workflows that describe, for example, the order of work, how the work is done.


The preview allows you to easily check what the content looks like to the end user.


You can create and publish a https link to the content. The content is saved and version is published or you can create a new published version of the content in a different https link.

Language translation

You can create a language version of the published content in two different ways. Either by translating yourself in a Visuon editor or by importing a language json file at once.

Password protection

You can create a password protection to block / allow access to the published content.


Publishing channels allows you to keep contents separated. This is especially important in  organizations where are lots of contents and authors.

Registered users

Registered users means that you can give access to authenticated users. They have to have username and password to enjoy the content you created.

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