Searching for the meaning of purpose is a mindset.

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The Mutual Relationship between Companies and Clients: What Drives Both

As a startup working on 360VR training solutions for large corporations, we have many opportunities to learn about new trends and they have driven the customers’ mindset.  One of the most challenging tasks is searching for the meaning of purpose. Everyone is looking for a better solution for their training with all kinds of new technology. In Exhibitions, we met many people who came to us because they were attracted by the line 360VR for training. Usually, I will ask them a question:

  • Why are you looking for a 360VR product, especially with VR glasses?
  • Because it’s super cool. Everyone is using it and I don’t want our company to be left behind.

Top managers and directors want different things like VR and fancy application to develop the learning experience in operation. I totally agree that this is essential. Unfortunately, some are chasing for this new trend just to take care of the business outlook. This is also a common purpose, however, it’s a bad purpose. New innovation will work only if you know what to do with it, otherwise, it’s a big risk to invest just to be cool. Either you are missing out real opportunity just because you cannot understand how it works, or the risks can be those negative impacts on work safety and finance.

On the other hand, the employees are mostly becoming the end-users for all of the innovations, It’s important to bring their perspective into the discussion. If you are planning to use 360VR, ask your employees how they feel about this idea and what they can do to help themselves learn about this new technology. Inform them about the purpose and therefore, managers need to prepare themselves a good purpose as well. This sounds obvious but often we do not pay attention to things which obviously matter. 

Searching for the meaning of purpose is hard, this is not a task, it’s a mindset. 

It’s hard to work with companies who don’t have a real purpose for the development work. They don’t take us seriously, they will run away when we start talking about the price because it is not solving any actual problem. Our job is to challenge their ideas to make them understand about this product and why it is/is not suitable for their operation, which is searching for the meaning of purpose. Obviously, some people choose to ignore the work ethic, to trick some customers who don’t know much about what you are selling. Eventually, they love the idea, but sooner or later, they will realize it themselves and learn the lesson. They will go away and leave bad feedback regardless of how amazing it went from the beginning.

Sometimes, an impactful trend can become an unwritten rule that everyone is willing to follow. Rules are created to make people follow standards. Standards are good, and when after a long while, rules become believes. It is actually eliminating space for new ideas and critical thinking. People believe they should follow what others are doing and what others believe in, to feel safe. They hardly think in the other way around. Everyone is also allowed to choose the standards what they can work on to improve themselves, which obviously matter.

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