A playful introduction to cybersecurity for youth

by | Oct 31, 2021 | Customer stories, Industry News

One fairly new but very important domain in the IT age is cybersecurity, and that is an integral part of the overall security for every single one of us. In our networking and an increasingly diverse and thus more complex world, information technology is an enabler. It is a practical tool, but unfortunately it is also used for unethical purposes. For this reason, it is vital for everyone to identify and understand the basics of cybersecurity in order to be able to act accordingly in different situations.

Increasingly, we are informed about hacking and passwords leaked online from various sources. These are attained through networks and the domain that prevents burglary is cybersecurity. There is a growing need for cybersecurity experts. In order to increase awareness, we have commissioned the Technology Industries of Finland to implement cybersecurity content for upper comprehensive school and upper secondary education.

There are 7 topics divided into challenging rooms, or places to “escape”. We have utilized a method familiar from escape game rooms, in which a code key must be found inside the room with the help of tasks, which can be used to “escape”, in this case with the congratulatory page. The amount of room content has been considered appropriate so that it takes less than 1 hour per room to discover the code. This serves the mission as suitable for as many people as possible under the guidance of a teacher.

The project was implemented in about 3 months and the content was provided by Tuula Havonen, teacher and 2nd vice-chairman from Maol Ry and Päivi Portaankorva-Koivisto, from the University of Helsinki. Expert speeches were organized by MyTech experts Jenni Taipalkoski and Leena Pöntynen. The content will be offered in the Technology Industry’s MyTech program. The technical implementer of the “escape game” was Visuon®.

Here is a small sample video of how content works on the screen as you explore topics and search for codes — or even test your own passwords.

Teaser (näyte sisällöstä). 🙂

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