Technology can provide many possibilities, but while there are many positive sides to it, there exists a few dark sides. Pauliina Nikko-Takala, Director of Security Programs and Awareness at CGI, presented at the Women in Tech Forum in Helsinki, Finland, regarding the use of gamification to create awareness about cybersecurity.

Did you know that there will be over 6 billion internet users by 2020? The largest threat to every company in the world is cybercrime. Yes, there are anti-virus software programs available, but even such products can maximally only detect 40% of all viruses. Pauliina claims, “If you understand the risks, you understand the bigger picture better.”

At CGI, they have implemented gamification into designing an aware environment surrounding cybersecurity. Gamification is the addition of specific game elements into training or teaching practices. This is extended not only to the employees, but to their families and communities. With gamification in the workplace, employees get control and experience firsthand, in which they can learn so much better than a 50-page manual. 

Gamification works because humans are naturally competitive. It reinforces behavior and gives immediate feedback. For instance, CGI has also applied team building and individual development through mobile escape rooms. This prepares employees to become strong in cybersecurity knowledge, while having fun along the way. 

Starting in November 2019, CGI will launch educational programs for 1st and 2nd graders about safety on the internet. A great initiative because the first step to change is creating awareness.