Have you ever thought how to increase experiences of safety in urban environments? And how to manage customers’ fears related to COVID-19 pandemic? Continue reading and learn how modern 3D and virtual technologies have been harnessed in production of urban security in City of Tampere.

Co-designing safety

SURE (Smart Urban Security and Event Resilience) is a project arranged by the City of Tampere and Business Tampere. The aim of the project is to make the everyday lives of people living and visiting Tampere more secure with smart technological solutions. The results of project have proven how it is possible to increase experiences of safety even without strict restrictions and visible control.

In the project the city residents and visitors have been involved to co-design the good practices and solutions for safety. The methods of service design have been utilized in order to model people flow charts and critical touching points. With the help of smart technology experts and providers the right solutions have been designed in order to help people to navigate safely through service paths.

Tampere Hall as a pilot

One of the pilot targets of the SURE project has been Tampere Hall. Tampere Hall is one of the largest conference and concert centres in Northern Europe. Every year nearly thousand events are organized in this beautiful place located in the heart of Tampere. It also provides a home for world’s only Moomin Museum.

Visuon was honored to be chosen as a partner of Tampere Hall in providing safety. As a product of co-designing process new kind of virtual journey experience for guests of Tampere Hall was created. Today, the potential visitor of Tampere Hall is able to navigate through the building on-line before actual visit on-site. In addition. It is possible to adapt safety instructions and get to know how to act in the case of emergency. Everything before stepping into the actual building.

During the era of COVID-19 the thread is invisible and transmitted from the air we breathe. As the results of piloting case present, with Visuon virtual and 3D facilities it is able to increase sense of safety even in these unsafe circumstances. Remarkably, the virtual journey experience as such could attract to completely new visitors and event organizers to Tampere Hall as well.

Future possibilities

The aim of the SURE project is to design innovative solutions for urban safety and export these to Europe. The possibilities for instance to organize the safety solution for organizations providing mass events and public transportation services are enormous. How to produce safety is perhaps the most trendiest question in an unsafe world.

In the case you want to start up in providing more security for your customers, pick up the following tips:

  1. Outline the service and mobility paths of customers together with them
  2. Focus on senses and experiences of customers
  3. Tag the critical points of safety
  4. Contact Visuon already as a start

Kirsi Elina Kallio