Our team at Visuon value the time, patronage and ideas from our clients. We believe that success is not just about delivering a feature — it is also about learning how to solve the client’s problem.

The following interview is with Sami Leppänen, the project manager at one of our partnering companies, KONE. He explains his experience with Visuon and how he believes it could benefit your company.

Visuon (V): Can you describe the problem that you wanted to solve with Visuon service?

Sami (S): We wanted to take the users in a visual way, closer to the environment where they normally work. Our target audience was our operative teams, the guys who work with their hands. So, we really wanted to make sure that they feel comfortable with the solution. Their reactions have been, Wow! It’s almost like I’m there! We wanted to simulate and have the look and feel that you are in a familiar environment, so you feel safe. You don’t have to learn the navigation, you don’t have to learn the environment. The only thing that you basically need to learn is the content. It was also a reinforcement of things that they already know. Not necessarily teaching something totally new, but also refreshing and reminding them; also what was a key point for us was also that it has to be engaging, fun and stimulating.

V: Why did you choose us?

S: Easy. We had been using another VR installation, but it’s costly and it’s tied to a certain location. The guys have to travel to certain locations to play the game, and most of the time, this is not possible. With Visuon, we can offer immersive experiences to their own devices. And we can offer it to everyone. All 33,000 of our employees! It’s also something that we can afford and we can arrange for everyone to have a chance to play. It can be easily moderated, customized and it can be offered to a large scale of people.

V: From the scale of 1 to 10, how satisfied do you feel about Visuon service and technology?

S: 9! There are minor things that I am expecting and hoping more, but again, I know the reasons why they haven’t been done yet. But overall, I am very satisfied.

V: After using the Visuon service, who do you think would benefit most from our service?

S: It is the customers who are either already using or who are considering using this digital learning. For the existing companies that have used this traditional e-learning, I would really recommend this to them to add more of an experience layer and more visual elements and maybe these views and tasks to these ‘boring’ packages. So integrating this as an additional media source. I can see many companies using this overall.

(end of interview)

It’s not just about ideas, it’s about making them happen. At Visuon, your vision is our mission!

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