There were more than 800 leading companies in the glass industry to visit and exchange ideas on how to excel product usability and improve its environmental impact. We met people from top management level, to engineers, architects and startups with great innovation. All came with one mission: to excel the product usability and improve its environmental impact.


Glass is everywhere in our daily lives. We live and work in buildings and we are so used in being surrounded by different type of glass, even to improve our eyes’ vision to see a better world. Yet, the stories about development are not well-known compared to disruptive tech-driven industries. There is a huge opportunity for the glass industry to create a major impact on sustainable development.

“In order to do that, all companies need to work together. GDP is the world glass institution to help create the foundation for those collaborations.” – Jorma Vitkala, Chairman of Organizing Committee of GPD

Visuon’s mission at GPD was to learn about the latest manufacturing developments and innovation in the industry, finding out how can we bring 360VR technology and learning expertise from Finland to help industrial players be successful in their business roadmap. We talked to many people and their profiles lie between top managers or managing directors in the companies. We have learned that 360VR is not a new term for most of the visitors, but they have only heard about that, and have not yet experienced it themselves. Here we can see a lack of accessibility beside the cool immersive experience 360VR creates. This brings us a challenge: how can we enhance our products and services to bring this experience to their employees who are the main users of 360VR?


About the participants, we can see a huge cultural difference in international conferences when it comes to business discussion. People are straight-forward to show their expectations and challenges that they have, which is a great advantage for Visuon to know their internal needs to propose a suitable solution. This event was a great chance for startups to kick off their global expansion. You will either learn really fast the market needs or the important skills needed in communication before going abroad.


If you have any questions about GPD, please  contact Van Le to have further discussion or ask her for more information via email



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