A few weeks ago, Visuon had a chance to be present at AlinhankintaHEAT Innovation Camp. 7 startups participated in the intensive two-day event to solve two challenges. It wasn’t just a day to show what we have as a company and network, each of Visuon representers enjoyed every conversation with the participants and with the partner companies Mantsinen Group and Gronlund Palvelut Oy.

We talked about dreams, about business problems and how to solve it, then we tried on new technology developed by some of the startups. During the camp, we challenged ourselves more on what we are doing at Visuon and how to bring the best service to education and industries. In this event, we learned to grow by collaboration with other startups. The journey of creating innovation just begins. Today we are ready to present our hard work our HEAT stage at Alihankinta 2019 on Wed 25.09.2019 11: 00-12: 30.

Visuon will also pitch everyday on HEATstage about our exciting product. Come visit us at booth 18 and try yourself the interactive content we have, or just to have a nice discussion with Visuon-ers 🙂

PItching schedule:

  • Tuesday, 24.09.2019 : 14.55–15.15
  • Wednesday, 25.09.2019: 15.00–15.20 
  • Thursday, 26.09.2019:  14.25–14.45 

See you there!