Learning is moving towards a technological method in which traditional approaches, such as using handbooks and paper, are slowly being replaced. We spoke with Laura Katajisto, Chief Technology Officer of Adina Solutions about her perspectives on 360VR technology, VISUON panel and the future of visual learning.

Visuon (V): Why is 360VR interesting to you?

Laura (L): Well I am the geek of my company, so I have always been intrigued with anything VR, AR, R-related. I like to attend the VR Morning events at Tampere University’s Hervanta campus quite frequently. It is interesting to see how some of my clients are ready to move away from the PDF file or normal papers, into learning with technology, with VR technology, so I am always looking for new options for them.

V: How do you see this as a benefit to your clients?

L: Learning with virtual reality is engaging. The gamification aspect keeps a learner engaged. Of course everyone has their own learning style but being able to interact with a learning system is a good way to understand better.

V: What are your thoughts on visual learning?

L: Nowadays, especially the younger people, people are more visual. People are not wanting to read paper material as much as before. The attention span of people are like that of a fruit fly and with technology and visual appeal, it keeps them interested.

V: How do you see the future of learning?

L: It will certainly be more visual using technology of course. I think that people will be more wanting to learn from systems that are easy, at their own pace and able to be personalized to each individual. As I mentioned before, everyone learns differently but a system that is able to cater to each style and allow the learner to go at their own pace while making it fun, I think that this is the future of learning.

V: You have just tested the demo of the VISUON panel. What did you think?

L: It was perfect. The flow is simple and easy to understand. It’s not too much, just right. Usually with these systems, the information and content has too much and it is overwhelming. This is usually what happens with our clients and that’s where we come in to help them. With VISUON, it’s quite easy to use. It has the correct amount of options to have learners learn effectively.

To sum it up, the future of learning is through visual methods that can provide a space that is easy, personalized and able to go at the pace that is chosen by the learner. VISUON provides that experience for every learner, so that the learner is in control.

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