We interviewed Panu Viitaharju, a research assistant and content creator at Aalto University. In this interview, we learn about his experience using the VISUON panel.

Visuon (V): Why are you interested in 360VR?

Panu (P): It is pretty useful for teaching and simplicity. It is fast and easy to locate teaching materials in a space where things are, with information about machines in the lab. The information is visual and located in real space.

V: If you had to explain what VISUON panel is, what would you say?

P: VISUON is a software to create 360VR world/spaces. If you are not familiar with Virtual Reality, it is like Google street view, but with more graphics and you are able to add active points.

V: How was it when you first learned how to use the panel?

P: It was very intuitive. No guidebook was ever needed.

V: What do you like about the VISUON panel?

P: Overall, I like how it looks. It is colorful and not too much. It is easy to understand. The panel saves everything without pressing the save button and the editor is pretty good.

V: Who would you recommend VISUON to?

P: I would recommend the VISUON panel to universities, anyone who needs teaching material in spaces to present their company, or even in museums.

At VISUON, we aim to provide a tool that is simple to use that optimizes your time and keeping it hassle-free!

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