Why Visuon?

Easiest to make VISUAL IMPACT on your business.

Save time and money

Reduce time and cost! Virtual visit will reduce need for travelling! On-boarding is faster.


Easiest to use

 95% of early bird users prove that Visuon is easy to use to create 360° content. 

Better on-boarding

Your end users will have a great impression on the on-boarding process, plus, they will always enjoy learning new things at work with more fun and higher motivation to perform effectively. 

You have skills

You don’t need to be an expert in 360ºVR Technologies to create immersive training materials for your end users.

VR-goggles not needed

No VR-goggles, just touchscreen smart device needed! Endusers don’t need any VR glasses.

Industrial business

We have proven solutions and applications already done for our industrial customers. They are using our solution on areas of  maintenance, safety, security, quality, and many more. Do not forget about information management where you can guide your people visually to the right and needed information.


Especially nowadays when distance between people is needed and near contacts should be avoided remote guidance is extremely important. Our customers in healtcare sector are using Visuon in patient guidance but also in providing cleaning instructions to cleaners. Do not forget formal training!

Education and learning

The most obvious solution area for Visuon is education. We have fore runner customers in education sector where trainers and teachers are doing visual content by themselves. 95% of content creators have said Visuon is so easy to use that they love it. We can prove it! Just contact us and let us show it to you!

Simple. Effective. Fun

We’ll be happy to plan and design your content together with you. Contact us today.

The next level of visual training and guidance using 360º Virtual Reality techniques

The best learning results

Fast setup and familiarization

Customize to your needs

Compatible into current systems

Use on all portable personal devices

Tailored and gamified

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