Our target audience was our operative teams, the guys who work with their hands. Their reactions have been, Wow! It’s almost like I’m there! A key point for us was also that it has to be engaging, fun and stimulating. I am overall satisfied with Visuon.

Sami Leppänen

L&D Program Manager, KONE

For us, Visuon provides revolutionary and exceptional platform to visualize the technical premises and thus enables the easy and fast development of our Em360° solution. We aim to develop more efficient and environmental friendly ways of working and Em360° delivers all this as it saves money, enables higher quality design and improves life cycle management of the facilities.

Kimmo Saarela

IoT Solutions & Digital Applications Director, Empower

In collaboration with Oulu Hospital, the feedback that was given from the users was that the space and environment was easy to view and understand, plus the fear and tension of a ‘scary’ room decreased while the feeling of security also increased. Overall, most patients have this fear that has developed in the healthcare field in so that it could even become a permanent distress. We want to switch that mentality by providing this effective guide, such as through VISUON.

Karoliina Paalimäki-Paakki

Senior Lecturer, Oulu University of Applied Sciences

It was very intuitive. No guidebook was ever needed. Overall, I like how it looks. It is colorful and not too much. It is easy to understand. The panel saves everything without pressing the save button and the editor is pretty good. I would recommend the VISUON panel to universities, anyone who needs teaching material in spaces to present their company, or even in museums.

Panu Viitaharju

Research Assistant & Content Creator, Aalto University

The locations of the properties is well-displayed. It is a map with an easy and intuitive approach to help the seller.

Ari-Pekka Lehtonen

Regional Manager, Sponda

This is part of safety training for the students. They are able to use their own devices and there is a lot of visual information available.

Eeva-Leena Tuominen

Head of Laboratory Engineering Degree Program, Tampere University of Applied Sciences

Students are able to manage their own learning process. The ubiquitous learning environment support context-aware and effective learning.

Mari Virtanen

Principal Lecturer, Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

The flow is simple and easy to understand. It’s not too much, just right. Usually with these systems, the information and content has too much and it is overwhelming. This is usually what happens with our clients and that’s where we come in to help them. With VISUON, it’s quite easy to use. It has the correct amount of options to have learners learn effectively.

Laura Katajisto

Chief Technology Officer, Adina Solutions

360°VR content introduces our facilities and guides you through the use of the equipment , through safe practices in operation. 

Päivi Laaksonen

Assistant Professor, Aalto University